How to Fix Video Delay on PC?

As a computer user you might have come across a situation where you try to play your videos on your computer then it starts lagging with respect to video. This audio and video delay problem becomes irritating when you wanted to see your favourite movie that you have stored on your computer. However there is a tool which can handle this issue without any difficulty and can effectively fix this video delay problem in just a matter of seconds.  I would like to discuss some of the most commonly occurring reasons which make your video file corrupt and as a result of which your audio and video starts lagging. To know more about this application, have a look of this page:

Some of the reasons where your video file becomes corrupt:

Use of Inappropriate Media Player:  If you are playing your video file using a media player which does not support your video file format, then there is a fair enough chance that your video file may get corrupted. If this happens then it stops playing with synchronization of audio and video file. In this situation, your video starts lagging with its audio. Now if want to know how to fix video lag on computer then you have to make use of Fix MOV application. It can easily and effectively solve this issue within a matter of minutes.

Issue with CODEC: Codec is a program which is used by media player to encode and decode video file data stream. If there is any issue with this CODEC then chances are high that your video file might stop playing smoothly and it keeps lagging with audio on your computer. Now if your sensitive video has become the victim of this issue then you would be thinking how to repair video delay on computer. Keeping such kind of situation in mind veteran software industry experts have come up with solution in the form of FIX MOV tool that can easily guide you on how to fix video lag on computer. Furthermore, if you are interested to know how to fix audio and video synchronization issue of MP4 file then go at:

Virus or Malicious Program: If your video file gets infected by harmful viruses or some other dangerous malicious program, then chances are quite high that it may modify your video file in an ill manner, following which it will start lagging on your computer when you play it. Now it is obvious that after this incident you will be thinking about how to fix video lag on computer. Luckily there is a simple and automated method to fix this issue in the form of Fix MOV tool. With the help of this tool, you can repair video delay on computer without any effort.

Some exciting features of Fix MOV software:

  • You can use this tool to repair corrupted MOV, MP4, and other popular video file format just within a few simple clicks of mouse.
  • Fix MOV application is completely automated and has a highly reliable algorithm which plays a pivotal role in repairing corrupted MOV file.
  • This application separately repairs audio and video file data streams and then merges it together to make it playable.
  • You can also make use of this tool to fix m4v video file in just a couple of seconds.
  •  It supports video file codec like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and audio codec such as sowt, raw, mp4a, etc.
  • With the help of this tool you can also fix QuickTime movie fie with great ease.
  • Once the software will fix video delay on PC, you can preview the recovered files using the preview feature of this tool.

  • If your video file has damaged or corrupted and you are searching online tool then stop wasting your time and opt for our above mentioned tool which can easily guide you on how to fix video lag on computer in a simple and effective manner. This application is suggested by many experienced software experts to fix video delay on PC.

    Simple guide on how to fix video lag on computer:

    Step 1: Download and install trial tool on your computer and then select a healthy file for reference. Choose your corrupted MOV file and then click on Repair button to repair video delay on computer as shown in Image 1.

    How to Fix Video Lag on Computer - Main Screen

    Image 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: After this, the tool will start to repair video delay on computer as shown in figure and once it is done you can easily “Preview” the repaired video as shown in figure 2.

    Repair Video Lag on Computer - Preview Repaired File

    Figure 2: Preview Repaired File