How to Compress a Video on Android Phone???

Videos are the favourite assets for all individuals as by shooting videos one can cherish all of their past golden memories and preserve them for lifetime. For accomplishing this, many mobile users employ Android powered Smartphones as they offer great video quality and it is also a convenient way for recording and storing videos. But, the file size of these captured videos will be very large and saving them on your Android phone might bring you in trouble related in Android phone disk space and its performance. The Android Smartphone running with low disk space can make your Android device to react sluggish and will slow down its performance thereby not allowing the applications to get loaded fastly and even accessing of any app of folders becomes too slow. The only option left with you is to shrink the size of video file so that the memory space of your Android phone increases thereby making your Android phone to perform faster.

File compression is the ultimate and actual method followed to reduce video file size and in order to compress videos on Android there are numerous number of video compressor for Android. Therefore, if you have video files that are too big or too large to send over MMS or video messaging or want to save storage space, then step ahead to download this robust and powerful app named under the title of Remo MORE. Remo MORE software knows how to compress a video on Android and allow you to save more and more data stuff or transfer large video files at faster transfer rate.

Why to go with Remo MORE suit?

Compression of videos must be really handled with great care since ending up with single mistake can result in a huge disaster of video file loss. There are several toolkits available over internets that are used to compress video files on Android, but selecting the reliable one is always recommended. This is because unreliable or non trustworthy tools can results in content loss of videos which are associated for compression and give a video file with decreased quality. As many users do not compromise with the quality of their precious video files, so it expert recommended using Remo MORE software which compresses videos with great care and ensures lossless video file compression.

X-factors of Remo MORE software:

  • Compatible enough to compress video files on Android with various OS versions like Gingerbread , Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and recently released Kitkat including earlier versions.
  • This application proves to be the best video compressor for Android driven Smartphones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, MicroMax, Sony and more.
  • MORE toolkit is available for free of cost, users need not pay any charge to compress videos on Android.
  • Employs high end algorithms that would help you in compressing your large video files and other file types like pictures, songs, etc. substantially.
  • It has a user friendly graphical user interface, by making use of which even a amateur user can learn how to compress a video on Android Phone without any difficulty.
  • Steps to use MORE suit to compress videos on Android:

    1. Step1: Download and install Remo MORE suit on your Android phone and launch the application. Now, tap on “Manage” option from the home window and choose “Compress File” option to compress video files on Android as depicted in Figure 1.

    2. Video Compressor for Android - Select Compress Files Option

      Figure 1: Select Compress Files Option

      Step2: The software will display all the files and folders that are saved on Android phone with a checkbox in front of them. Choose your videos and tap on “Compress” button as depicted in Figure 2.

      Compressing Videos on Android - Choose Files and Tap on Compress Button

      Figure 2: Choose Files and Tap on Compress Button

    3. Step3: Now, you have to provide a name for the compressed file and choose the desired option and click on “OK” as depicted in Figure 3.

    4. Video Compression on Android - Add File Name and Click OK

      Figure 3: Add File Name and Click OK

    5. Step4: After that, wait for a while till the application completes video file compression as depicted in Figure 4. And, on completion of process, compressed successfully message will be displayed.

    6. Video File Compressing on Android - Compressing Video Files

      Figure 4: Compressing Video Files