Tool to Repair MP4 Files

MP4 video files are supported by various devices like cameras, PSP, iPod, mobile phones, etc. When people use those devices as storage medium to save their MP4 files, they might get suffer from corruption. MP4 video files once corrupted will not allow you to play the video on any media player. Here exists the need of MP4 video file repair software that would help you in repairing your corrupt MP4 videos. There could be several tools, which can be used as MP4 file repair program, among which Fix MOV is the mos reliable and suitable toolkit that can fix MP4 videos after corruption or damage easily just within few simple clicks.

Suppose you have digital camera and you have recorded videos of your kid’s birthday party. Most of the cameras store the captured video files in .mp4 file extension. One morning, in order to make a copy of the videos you switched on the computer and connected the camera using USB port. While moving the files, mistakenly you removed the data cable without using “Safely Remove Hardware” option. This makes your MP4 file corrupted which inhibits the access to your files leading to loss of data. If you are searching a software to repair MP4 files after such inevitable corruption, then simple try our Fix MOV program.

MOV Repair utility is an efficient software, which can repair corrupted MP4 files and fix the problem. This proves to be the best MP4 file repair tool that automates repair process feature which helps to scan and fix severely damaged files automatically. Video - avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and Audio – Audio, RAW, mp4a are some of the well-known codecs that are supported by this software. There are many camcorder brands that are supported by this tool such as Samsung, Sanyo, Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic, Fujifilm etc. So, you can repair MOV file on Canon 7D without any hassle. To know more, go ahead and click

Factors responsible for corruption of MP4 video file:

Errors in Codec: Codec is a computer program that encodes and decodes audio & video file formats. Audio and video streams encoded with many codecs are put in video file container. If the codec has some problem, then you can view the picture but you cannot hear the sound or vice versa.

Due to Virus Infection: Virus can harm your MP4 videos. When your MP4 file gets infected with dangerous & harmful viruses then there are chances that the file will gets corrupted. However, using this repair toolkit you can easily fix MP4 files after corruption. The software also helps to repair corrupted MOV files after virus attack.

File Extension change: Changing file extension is also responsible for corruption in MP4 files. Trying to change file extension manually or by using inappropriate third party application can damage your videos severely. Suppose if you want to change MP4 file to MOV file and for that purpose if you are taking the help of unreliable and incompatible converting file extension software, then in that case your file may get corrupted and becomes inaccessible for further use. Now, the only possible solution to fix this issue is to use Fix MOV tool. For more information on damaged video repair, you can visit here:

Power Failures and Sudden system shut down: Sudden power failures and abrupt system shutdown while playing video files or transferring from PC to storage device and other such errors will corrupt the MP4 video files as they are incorrectly terminated in these events. Broken videos become unplayable on the media player.

Features of Fix MOV software:

This Mp4 video file repair software can fix the damaged and corrupted large sized MOV, MP4 files.

With the aid of this repairing utility, you can easily repair corrupted, damaged or broken MOV / MP4 files, which aren't able to play on Quick Time Player. To know more on repairing QuickTime MOV file, press here.

Uisng MOV repair tool you can efficiently fix MP4 files on Windows OS versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, etc.

It can repair MP4 audio and video files corrupted due to issues with the firmware of the camcorder.

You can fix MP4 video files broken due to round tripping or modification of the file extension.

The software also lets you repair MP4 files after header corruption along with fixing of damaged MOV files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion.

With this smart application, you can easily fix and play corrupt MP4 files with utmost ease. Click the hyperlink to regain full information on how to play corrupt MP4 files

Guide on how to repair MP4 files:

Step 1: Download and install MOV repair tool for free of cost. Once you launch the software, the main window is displayed. After that, you need to browse and select you MP4 file using “BROWSE” button refer figure 1.

Software to Repair MP4 Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: As soon as you select the file, you have to click on the “REPAIR” button in order to commence repair process refer figure 2.

Software to Fix MP4 Files - Click on Repair

Figure 2: Click on Repair

Step 3: A new window will open where the software will start scanning the entire MP4 file refer figure 3. As soon as the scanning process is over, you will be able to preview your entire repaired file using “Preview” option.

Tool to Fix MP4 Videos - Repairing Video

Figure 3: Repairing Video

Tips to avoid corruption / damage in video file:

Always create a backup copy of important files so that when you come across any data loss situation you can easily recover your files from the backup.

Good power source should be used in order to avoid unexpected system turn off.

It is good to use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to remove secondary storage device.