How to Auto Shut Down Windows 7 Computer?

If you are a Windows 7 user and want to schedule your computer for auto shutdown then you have arrived at right place, here I will explain you about a unique tool which can assist you to do so. Generally the need of auto shutdown arises, when you are performing some task which is going to take a long time and you do not have time to wait till the completion of work, for shutting down your Windows 7. In such type of occasions, scheduling Windows 7 computer to shut down comes very handy. If you are in need of a tool which can schedule your Windows 7 to shut down automatically, then Remo MORE is the perfect tool which I would like to suggest for you. This toolkit is recommended by software industry experts as the best application for scheduling computers for auto shutdown as per user’s convenient time.

What are the advantages you can get from scheduling Windows 7 for auto shutdown?

There are many benefits that you will get when you will use Remo MORE for auto shut down. First and the most useful advantage of scheduling computers for auto shutdown is that you need not wait for any long ongoing process to be finished. For example- suppose you are installing any software on your Windows 7 computer which is going to take a long time, then you have to sit and wait till the process ends. Now, if you want to get rid from this restriction, then scheduling is the most suitable idea which can automatically turn off your computer and gives freedom from wait and watch till the completion of ongoing process for shutting down your computer.

Apart from this you can also save a lot of power by scheduling your Windows computer for auto shut down. Let me prove my this point with an example- If an important work is going on your computer which you cannot close and shutdown at moment, and the same time you do not have time to stay there till the completion of that process. If you leave your computer without shut down and walk out for your important work then unnecessarily power will be waste. But, with the use of Remo MORE you can save a lot of power on your system by scheduling Windows 7 to shut down automatically once the task is completed.

Why Remo MORE to schedule Windows 7 to shut down automatically?

The right and precise answer to this question is set of features that Remo MORE is armed with. It is its advance features which make it special. Frankly speaking Remo MORE is developed with a robust and highly advance algorithms that plays key role. It is very simple to use and does not requires any specific skills to be operated. Furthermore, it is completely free of cost and made publicly available on the internet. With this utility, you can also schedule your computer or laptop for shut down on daily or weekly basis.

Steps to schedule Windows 7 to shut down with Remo MORE:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE on your Windows 7 computer and then launch it. From main screen, select Manage option and then choose Shutdown Manager as shown in figure 1.

Schedule Windows 7 to Shut Down - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: From next screen, turn on scheduling and then choose time and date when you want to shut down your computer as shown in figure 2.

Auto Shut Down Windows 7- Choose Time and Date

Figure 2: Choose Time and Date

Step3: From next screen, select Apply button and then from upcoming screen click on Yes option to make sure you want to turn off your computer at scheduled time.

Scheduling Windows 7 to Shut Down - Confirm Auto Shut Down Process

Figure 3: Confirm Auto Shut Down Process