Repair Restored MP4 Videos

“An MP4 video file had lost from my PC, so what I did is I recovered that file using a data recovery tool. I successfully recovered my MP4 file. But after recovering, when I tried playing the video it refused to play. I really went disappointed after seeing this crap thing. I don’t understand what went wrong. Is there any way to repair recovered MP4 video files? Please let me know how to resolve this issue. Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated.”

If you too have encountered same sort of problem, then do not get frustrated. Nothing has gone wrong, your MP4 file might have got corrupted due to unreliable third party app. No worries as there is a chance to repair restored MP4 videos using the most reliable Fix MOV tool. MOV repair software is developed by high end software professionals to fix MP4 video files after recovery. It comes with lots of amazing and unique features that are really helpful if MP4 or MOV file is to be repaired. However, if you want to fix corrupt MOV file, then have a glance over this page:

What makes recovered MP4 video file to get corrupted?

Well, this is a frequently asked question. You might have used a faulty recovery tool for getting back your lost MP4 file on your computer. Usually there are lots of third party data recovery tools, among which most of the tools are unreliable or faulty. Therefore, you need to be very careful while selecting a recovery tool, its better to consult some experts while choosing a recovery software. Even a small mistake will make you to mess up with your important video files, but somehow with the help of fix MOV software it’s possible to repair recovered MP4 video files with a great ease.

Apart from faulty recovery tools, there are some more reasons, for example, at the time of recovering lost or deleted MP4 file if some sort of unexpected error occurs then recovered file will get corrupted and fails to play. However, fix MOV tool can repair restored MP4 videos in an efficient manner. This effective software is also able to repair MP4 files corrupted due to virus infection, interruptions while downloading, header corruption, etc.

Outstanding Features of Fix MOV Application:

Fix MOV is a fastest repair tool, which will repair recovered MP4 video files in a very limited time period. It can repair restored MP4 videos on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, etc. The application has the capability to fix MP4 video files after recovery even on Mac OS including Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. With the help of this effective repair tool, you can fix large sized MP4 files. Moreover, it’s a non destructive repair application which does not do any modification or alteration to corrupted MP4 file, instead it will just read the video files and creates a similar but healthy file, which ensures the safety of original MP4 file. Fix MOV tool has been developed by experts and suppose if you require any sort of help in repairing DSLR videos of MP4 or any other format, then you can avail the support from the professionals and get corrupted file fixed. It’s a graphical user interface repair application and is extremely easy to use. Use the demo version of this repair application to repair recovered MP4 files, if you get satisfied with its performance then purchase the licensed version.

Procedure to repair recovered MP4 video files:

Step 1: To fix restored MP4 videos, download trial version of MOV repair software and install it on your system. Now, run the tool and click on “Browse” button to choose the location where the corrupted MP4 video files are kept as depicted in Figure 1. Then, click on “Repair” button to fix MP4 video files after recovery.

Repair Recovered MP4 Video Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The tool will start scanning MP4 video files to repair recovered MP4 video files as depicted in Figure 2.

Fix Recovered MP4 Video Files - Scanning Screen

Figure 2: Scanning Screen

Step 3: Once you are done with the scanning process, you can preview the repaired MOV file and then save it on your own desired location by clicking on “Save” button as depicted in Figure 3.

Repair Restored MP4 Video Files - Save Fixed MP4 File

Figure 3: Save Fixed MP4 File