H264 MOV File Repair Process

H264 is a new video file format proposed by ISO/IEC. It offers high quality video in relatively low bit rates. In spite of being high quality video file format (H264 MOV), there are many occasions which can make it corrupted and you will not be able to play such corrupted MOV file. It is obvious that such type of incidents cause a great trouble for you if any of your important video files has been corrupted and you do not have backup of it. Fortunately, there is a very good video repair tool which is famous under the title of Fix MOV. This repairing tool has capability to repair h264 MOV file in just a few clicks of mouse in a very convenient matter without causing damage to source MOV file.

Factors responsible for corruption of H264 MOV File:

  • Error in Codec: Codec is a program which is used for decoding and encoding of video file formats. Video and audio streams encoded by different encoding mechanism are put into a video file container. Due to any reason, if there is some problem in codec then there will be problem in playing this video as sound and video may lead or lag to each other or sometimes audio won't play. To know how to resolve this problem of MOV not playing audio, just visit www.fixmov.net/file-not-playing-audio.html.

  • Virus or Malware Attack: Infection of virus or other malicious program can corrupt your MOV files and thus it becomes unplayable. However, you can repair h264 MOV file after corruption with the help of MOV repair tool in just a few seconds. Apart from MOV files you can also recover other corrupted media files with the help of this tool in an effective manner. To know about how to perform corrupt MOV file repair, visit here: www.fixmov.net/corrupt-files.html

  • Continuous changing file format: Continuous changing file format of video files from one format to another in cyclic fashion can lead to corruption of video file. There is chance that you may lose some important data of MOV file in this round tripping process. Thus, to know how to repair MOV files you can make use of fix MOV software.

  • MOV header corruption: Header is a part of MOV file which holds all the information stored in a video file. If somehow this header of MOV file gets corrupted then entire MOV files become inaccessible. This is because that OS will fail to locate information stored on it while reading it.

  • Frequent power failure while video is being played: This could be another reason where your h264 MOV file becomes corrupt. Now, to fix h264 MOV video file after such type of event, you should use Fix MOV tool, which is armed with enough features which can help you to repair not only MOV files but other popular types of corrupted video files including MJEP, MP4. To know how to play corrupted MP4 file visit: https://fixmov.net/how-to-play-corrupt-mp4-files.html

It does not matter how your h264 MOV file has become corrupted with the help of Fix MOV tool you can easily repair your corrupt / damaged MOV files in a very short span of time. It can fix QuickTime Movie Files in an effective manner. This software supports various types of video formats including MP4, MOV, MJPEG and many more. It repairs audio and video streams separately and joins them after repair to create a playable video. It supports various types of video codec like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and audio codec supported is sowt, RAW,mp4a. One can easily use Fix MOV software to repair MOV files on Mac operating system based computers and laptops. After successful repair process, you can easily preview recovered files before restoring them.

Steps to repair H264 MOV file:

Step 1: Download the software. After download is complete, install the software. Run the software and by clicking on "BROWSE" button and choose H264 MOV video from its location. In order to initiate the process of h264 mov file repair, click on "REPAIR" button that's available there on screen.

Repair H264 MOV File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You can easily preview the repaired once repairing of h264 mov video file is complete, it is shown in figure 2.

Fix H264 MOV File - Preview

Figure 2: Preview