Damaged MOV Video File Repair

Sometimes, you might have observed that your video file refuses to open. If any your important video becomes damaged and unplayable, then to sort out such type of issues related to MOV file, you should use an excellent repair tool. Fix MOV is a very popular tool that is specially designed to handle video file corruption issues. At any point of time, if you find yourself in a situation, where your MOV file is not opening then do not worry, just make use of MOV repair tool, which will help you to repair damaged MOV video with utmost ease. It can fix MOV videos that won't play on any media player after getting corrupted. Sneak a peek at this URL www.fixmov.net/file-not-playing.html for further details about repairing of unplayable MOV files.

There are numerous situations where your MOV files may get damaged. Some of those which are most frequently occurring are as mentioned below:

Common causes for damage of MOV videos:

  • Improper transfer of files: This is one of most commonly occurring reason where your MOV files may get damaged. Suppose you are transferring a video file from system to other device. If any interruption occurs at this point, then corruption of MOV file becomes very high, due to this incomplete transfer of files. Video file damaged in such situation will refuse to open. Now, to repair damaged MOV video, you should employ Fix MOV tool. To know more about corrupted MOV file repair visit: https://www.fixmov.net/corrupt-files.html
  • Changing of file format: Change of file extension from one format to another in a cyclic way can cause corruption on MOV file. Suppose, you change file format of your video file from MOV to AVI and after sometime again to MOV format, then this process makes severe corruption in MOV file. This corrupted file cannot be played without repairing, on such situation you should take help of Fix MOV application to repair damaged MOV files. With the help of this repairing tool, you can also repair h264 MOV file in just a few clicks of mouse. Visit this page to know how to repair h264 MOV file: https://www.fixmov.net/repair-h264-file.html
  • Corruption of MOV header: Header of MOV file holds useful information related to the file. After corruption of header, operating system will not be able to find the video file, thus it becomes unplayable. If your important and favourite video is corrupted because of the above mentioned reason, then do not worry. Here is a MOV file repair tool that is capable enough to fix damaged MOV video files.

Easy way to repair damaged MOV files:

Fix MOV is this most prominent tool can easily fix different issues related to video file corruption. The most important thing is that it helps to repair damaged MOV video only in few clicks without causing damage to original video file as it works on readonly mechanim. It can fix damaged MP4 files that are not playable on QuickTime player. This repairing application not only fixes damaged video files, but it also helps you to learn how to fix poor quality videos that is caused due corruption, virus attack, etc. Recovery of large sized corrupt / damaged MOV, MP4 video files can be done with the help of this tool.

This tool’s automatic repair option separates out video and audio data streams and adjoins them to create relevant playable video easily. Fix MOV software has a user friendly interface that makes it simple and easy to use. It means even a person from non-technical background can use this tool to fix damaged MOV video files. It repair damaged MOV files from various types of iPhones including iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. You can fix different types of audio video codec (Audio- sowt, RAW, mp4a, Video-av1, mp4v, mjpeg) in an effective manner. To know more on repairing QuickTime movie file, visit: https://www.fixmov.net/quicktime-movie-file.html/.

In all cases, this tool is the one stop solution for the users who are searching for a way to repair damaged MOV files quickly. Using this tool you even resolve broken MOV file problem in few simple steps. The Mov repair program can fix corrupt MOV video on different version of Windows and Mac. To know how it repairs corrupt MOVon Windows, just visit https://www.fixmov.net/corrupt-file-in-windows.html

Steps to repair damaged MOV video:

Step 1: In order to fix damaged MOV video files, download and install Fix MOV tool. Launch the software and Click on “BROWSE” button to select MOV file from its location.Then click on “REPAIR” to start repair process.

Repair Damaged MOV Video - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once your file gets repaired, you can preview your repaired video file as shown in figure 2.

Fix Damaged MOV Video - Preview

Figure 2: Preview