Repair Corrupt MPEG Video File

“I have a MPEG video file saved in my system. It’s a video clip which contains some of the important memories of my life. Earlier it was used to play well, but don’t no suddenly what went wrong. Since a week I am not able to play this video. At any cost I want to fix corrupted MPEG video file on my computer. Can anyone please help me and tell what is to be done to fix this error?”.

If you too have caught in a similar sort of a problem and want to repair corrupted MPEG video file, then do not get worried. As presently, there exists a highly effective repair application known as Fix MOV tool. By making use of this repair tool you will be able to repair corrupt MPEG video file in few simple clicks of computer mouse. The software is highly efficient, and is well known for its advanced inbuilt scanning engine using which it’ll profoundly scan corrupted MPEG file and generates a new and healthy file similar to that of original one. This makes the original video to remain unmodified. Fix MOV software is been included with lots of benefiting features. Before getting into them, let’s discuss some important reasons due to which MPEG file gets corrupt.

Scenarios responsible for the corruption of MPEG file:

  • Virus attack: Virus attack is a main problem associated with every computer file. Even these MPEG files are not safe from virus infection. When an MPEG video clip gets infected by virus, then it’ll get corrupt and refuses to play. However, by making use of fix MOV app, within moments you will be able to repair corrupted MPEG video files and play it.
  • Interruptions while compressing: Usually MPEG video clips occupy more hard drive space. In order to avoid the space usage users often try to compress big sized files. While compressing, if some unexpected error occurs then MPEG videos will get corrupt. 
  • Round tripping: Round tripping is nothing but changing MPEG videos files to some other format and again bringing back to the same format. Doing this will negatively affect your MPEG files and they may get corrupt. Even in this circumstance you can fix corrupted MPEG video file using this fix MOV application.

  • In addition to these there are numerous other reasons, which results in corruption of MPEG files. But nothing to worry, since fix MOV program can easily assist you in repairing corrupted MPEG video files. It allows the user to repair MP4 files that are corrupted even after recovery. To know how to repair restored MP4 files, simply follow this link:

    Remarkable features of Fix MOV tool:

    Fix MOV application is a most powerful and reliable repair tool. It can repair corrupted MPEG video clips on various versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Vista, Win 7, XP, etc. It’s a user friendly MOV repair application, using which even an untrained user can fix corrupted MPEG video file. Apart from fixing corrupted MPEG videos, it can also fix and play corrupted MOV and MP4 files. To know how to play corrupt MP4 file, just log on to: The application is free from all sorts of harmful stuffs such as malicious programs and viruses. In a very limited time frame the software will be able to repair corrupt MPEG video files on your computer. Trial edition of this amazing repair utility is available, just try that and repair corrupted MPEG video files. If you feel it works as per your requirement then get its licensed version for more benefits.

    Steps to repair corrupted MPEG video files:

    Step 1: Download and install Fix MOV tool on your system and then launch it. From main screen of this software, select Repair tab as shown in the figure 1 and give a reference of a healthy file.

    Repair Corrupted MPEG Video - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: Once the file gets located click on “Repair” button and the software will start to repair corrupt MPEG video file as shown in the figure 2.

    Fix Corrupted MPEG Video - Repairing MPEG File

    Figure 2: Repairing MPEG File

    Step 3: After the repair process is over, you can easily “Preview” the repaired content as shown in figure 3.

    Corrupted MPEG Video File Repair - Preview Repaired Video

    Figure 3: Preview Repaired Video