Method to Fix QuickTime Movie File

MOV is one of the popular video file formats, which are especially launched by Apple for both Windows and Mac operating system. Its .mov file extension used by QuickTime Player. QuickTime is a multimedia application that is basically used for accessing multimedia files. QuickTime has options by which you can store, play, record, import, export, convert and also edit video files. Apart from this, MOV file also support audio file, image file, animation, virtual reality content, graphics, 3D videos, text and many other file format.

But, there are some chances where you can face loss of MOV movies due to its corruption and inaccessibility issues. This proves to be a very critical situation for anyone. Corruption can occur because of plenty of reasons like sudden failure of the media player, unfinished video file download, unexpected system shutdown, interruption in-between video file transfer, and virus infections, etc. In these kinds of situations, your MOV video files becomes unplayable. However, you can repair file by using MOV repair application. This software can mend QuickTime movie and restore the MOV file without causing further damage to it.

MOV repair software has been specially designed to fix corrupted / damaged MOV files, which may get corrupted due to any other reasons. The repair technique used by MOV repair program is unique and much better when compared to any other MOV repair tools available. This software also work as MP4 file repair tool and repairs corrupted or damaged MP4 videos efficiently with much accuracy.

Scenarios for corruption / damage of MOV file:

External device corruption: When you remove your external device without following proper exit method, then it may happen that MOV file may get corrupted.

Header corruption: MOV file header is the important component as it gives out all the necessary information of a particular file. Header corruption takes place when your PC shutdowns abruptly at the time when your MOV file is playing or at the time when you are downloading it via internet and some interruption takes place.

File extension modification: Whenever you want to modify the MOV files, it needs to be done in proper way. With the use of any kind of third party utility or sometimes manually, it’s possible to modify the file type. Sometimes, while trying to change the file extension using the third party utility, it may damage the particular file structure. Improper way to perform the manual process leads to the MOV file corruption without any doubt.

Defect with digital video camcorder firmware: While recording videos with a digital camcorder with faulty firmware, you might get a broken output file. Such files are unable to open or play in any video player.

Features of MOV file repair Utility:

Fix MOV tool can be used to repair high definition video files. 

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It supports all famous brands of camera such as Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc. For more information about Canon 7D repair, go

MOV repair software can also fix the video files that is recorded with mobile phones, HD cameras.

The MOV video repair tool is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows & Mac. To repair MOV from Windows read here.

The application has the capability to repair corrupted / damaged MOV & MP4 file which you were not able to play in QuickTime player. Using this utility, user can easily fix corrupt or unplayable MP4 files. Refer this site to read more about it:

Necessary steps to repair QuickTime movie file:

Step 1: Launch and install free demo version of MOV repair software. Now, click on “BROWSE” button to select the path where corrupted / damaged MOV files are kept refer figure 1. Later click on “REPAIR” button to proceed with QuickTime MOV repair process.

Fix QuickTime Movie File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software will start scanning each and every corrupt / damaged MOV files refer figure 2. Once the scanning process is done, then you can view the repaired file and save it in desired location by clicking on “SAVE” button.

Repair QuickTime Movie File - Scanning

Figure 2: Scanning

Precautions to be followed to avoid corruption / damage on QuickTime:

Remove external storage device properly. Never try to remove it at the time when the file is getting transferred from your system to the storage device.

Try to repair the problem of sudden system shut down in order to avoid any interruption at the time when your MOV file is in playing or processing.