How to Password Protect MOV Files?

When it comes to best and most popular video file format, MOV stands at the top of the list. MOV is a multimedia video file format developed by world popular Apple Inc. These video files are often stored and played on electronic gadgets such as Mac computers / laptops, iPhone, Camcorder, DLSR camera and many others. In fact, MOV is the default video file format on Macintosh and iOS devices.

Benefits of MOV video files:

MOV video files are very popular as these video files provide numerous benefits and advantages which other video file formats don’t. Like MOV files are very easy to edit and can be embedded well with any other program, it offers high picture clarity, more reliable, has advanced compression technique, can be played on multiple operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and many others.

Nevertheless, one big drawback with MOV video files is that they are not completely secure on your computer or mobile devices. These MOV videos are highly vulnerable to problem like data theft. For example, if you share your personal computer with a friend of yours and are in constant fear of him trying to watch your personal MOV video! What would you do? You can’t change the system for this simple reason right (or) you can’t tell your friend to stop using your system!

So if you are a user with this kind of problem! Well, no need to worry because you can easily overcome the above mentioned issue by simply assigning password protection to your important MOV video clip. This is possible with the help of a trustworthy third party application available online.

Which application to use for password protection?

Remo MORE should be your first choice, which you should use in these kinds of situations. This is an all in one application that helps you assign password protection to a single or multiple MOV video files. The main benefit of using this application is that it can assign password to MOV videos stored on your on your Mac computers, Windows computers, iOS devices, Android phones, USB drives and many others. After using this application you can be ensured that none of your precious MOV videos can be accessed by anyone. Furthermore the tool also helps in assigning password protection to other files like address book, photos, bookmarks etc.

Some of its other eye catching features:

  • • Application is FREE to download and use
  • • One click solution to lock all your MOV videos files with password on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating system
  • • The utility is completely free from any external threat like malwares, spywares or viruses
  • • Offers its users technical assistance on all 365 days of a calendar year

Steps to protect MOV file with password:

Step1: Download Remo MORE app on your system and install it. Launch the application and select "Manage" option form the main screen. Select "File Manager" option from the second screen as shown in figure 1.

Password Protect MOV File - Select File Manager

Step2: From the third screen choose "File Protector" option as shown in figure 2.

Password Protecting MOV File - Select File Protector

Step3: After this select "File/Folder Locker" option from the fourth screen to password protect your MOV files as shown in figure 3.

Locking MOV File with Password - Select File/Folder Locker

Step4: Now the software will ask you to set the master password to lock the MOV files. After setting password add MOV files which you want to lock and click on "Lock" button as shown in figure 4.

Protecting MOV File with Password - Select Lock Option