Fix Out of Sync Audio in MP4 File

MP4 file, a MPEG-4 video container format holding audio, video, still images, etc. in a single file and this file will be saved as .mp4 file . This file holds different compression techniques for audio and video tracks within the file. The audio and video tracks in .mp4 file is compressed with different encryption techniques and made to sync when mp4 file is made to play.

MP4 file can be played on various media players like VLC, QuickTime, WMP, Media player Classic, iTunes, etc. and also on iPod, iPhone, iPads and other gadgets. This video file format creates blunders when audio and video tracks do not sync properly displaying synchronization error. This further blocks the file from being played. One such error is MP4 out-of-sync audio.

What are the causes for audio out of sync issue in MP4 file?

  • Incorrect synchronization value: MP4 file holds certain values to play audio & video at right timing. If there are any changes in this synchronization values then either audio will come first or video track will play first.
  • CODEC issues: There are certain times, wherein use of improper CODEC for playing MP4 on any media player will cause audio out-of sync error in MP4 file
  • Improper video conversion: While converting any video to MP4 file format using unreliable converter programs, the audio and video tracks may go out of sync causing synchronization problem when MP4 file is been played
  • Error importing / creating: Interruptions when MP4 files are being created on any gadget or imported on to iTunes, iPod, iPhone, etc. will also cause audio out-of-sync error.

In these instances, MP4 file audio may go out of sync and display error message. Then raises the question, how to fix out of sync audio in MP4 file? This inevitable situation can be fixed with the help of some handy methods. Just open the MP4 file in VLC player and change the synchronization values of the audio and video tracks to play at same timing. If this is not possible then make use of reliable video repair tool and fix the issue. Moreover, if you want to know how this tool repairs M4V video files then do not worry have a look of this page:

One of the most eminent and most suggested video repair tools like fix MOV is the best solution to fix MP4 audio out of sync error. This tool has caliber to repair all issues related to MP4 video file such as audio-video sync issue, CODEC issues, etc. with utmost ease. The software performs rigorous scan of the MP4 videos that are corrupt or damaged and unplayable due to various reasons. This application can also fix corrupt MOV files that are not playing on any media player. One can easily utilize this program on Windows and Mac OS X platforms to repair error showing MP4 as well as M4V videos.

This MP4 repair tool can fix corrupted and inaccessible QuickTime movies without any effort. Effective repair strategies of this tool can resolve all irregularities of MOV movies on QuickTime player within few simple procedure. Visit this link for more information regarding, how to repair QuickTime MOV files,


Steps to repair audio out of sync error MP4 file:

Step 1: Download the demo version of the software and install it by following given instructions. Then in the main screen, click on Browse button select a healthy MP4 file for reference and affected MP4 file that needs to be repaired as shown in fig.

How to fix out of sync audio in MP4 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After selecting the files, click on ‘REPAIR’ button to trigger repair process as shown in fig

fixing out of sync audio in MP4 - Scanning Screen

Figure 2: Scanning Screen

Step 3: After completion of MP4 file repair process, preview the file description then select a destination location and save it by clicking on Save button as shown in fig.

Repair out of sync audio in MP4 - Preview Repaired MP4 File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired MP4 File