How to Fix MP4 File that is not Playing?

Fix your corrupt/damaged MP4 video file that is not playing in any supported Media player, using MOV Fixing Software. The tool not only fixes corrupt MP4 files, but also damaged/corrupt MOV, and M4V video files with utmost ease. Get the free download version of the software below, and start fixing MP4 video file now..!

In today’s electronic gadgets world, all are having either good quality video camcorders or Smartphones. People across the world use these gadgets to capture each and every important moment of their life. Either for personal or professional purpose, but people uses such gadgets to simplify their work. MP4 is one of the video file formats, supported by such various electronic gadgets. The video file with MP4 file extension uses Codec MPEG-4. Most of the mobile phones or cameras are having MP4 file extension.

What if you have recorded an important lecture you wish to refer later and now due to some reason, the MP4 file not playing? It would be really disappointing as the MP4 video refuses to play when you are in need. Don't worry!!! Just don’t waste your precious time to find what is wrong, simple make use of fix Mov software to fix MP4 file that won’t play and restore all its contents and enjoy watching the lecture once again. This utility is highly recommended by experts to repair MP4 video that doesn't play and make it playable just within a few easy steps.

Circumstances leading to the corruption of MP4 files that refuses to play in any supported media player

  • When you capture some video, it get stored in memory of any device. To free up the memory of the device, you have to transfer some data to another device or computer. During MP4 file transfer process, if any interruption occurs then it will corrupt your MP4 video files which makes the MP4 video file is inaccessible.

  • Header of your MP4 video file may get corrupt due to sudden system shut down during MP4 video is playing. When header of any MP4 file is corrupted, then any media player will not be able to play the header corrupted MP4 video file.

  • Changing file format of MP4 video file may also lead to corruption of MP4 video file. In case the extension of MP4 file is changed to some other unsupported file format, and again it is converted to its original format. Then this process is called as “Round Tripping”. If you round trip a file several, then MP4 files will get corrupt.

  • Codec corruption is also a factor behind MP4 file corruption. It also makes the MP4 / MOV file unplayable and sometimes you will not be able to listen to the audio due to this.

  • At times, it happens that even MOV files will not play on QuickTime or any other video player. In that case, you can easily repair MOV file not working on QuickTime using MOV repair software.

  • Precautionary tips to avoid corruption of MP4 video files:

    • Always make sure that you remove your memory card from portable devices safely.
    • Keep scanning your memory card with good antivirus program to prevent files from malicious viruses.
    • Don’t capture videos while camera battery is low.
    • Use reliable power supply and avoid abrupt shutdown.
    • Backup your important file, it will be helpful for you at the situation of data corruption and damage.

    If you follow these safety tips, then there are great chances that you may avoid corruption of MP4 video file. Still, if you face any video file corruption or damage scenarios, then do not worry, fix mov tool is available to repair MP4 file that is not playing. This software can fix mp4 file that do not play on different versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.

    Free MP4 Repair Software to Fix MP4 File That Is Not Playing:

    MOV repair tool is simple and easy to use for any type of user. In addition of fixing MP4 file that won’t play, the software is proficient in repairing all types of video files like AVI, MOV, etc. with ease and great accuracy. If you want to regain full information about how MOV repair tool repairs MOV or MP4 videos, then visit this link: MOV file fixer can even be used to repair mp4 video that doesn't play on Mac OS X based computers and laptop. The demo version of the software can be used before purchasing, in order to evaluate the results. With the help of its advanced repairing algorithms, it fixes the corrupted MOV files and after fixing it, it provides you an option to preview fixed or repaired MOV file.

    Note: Fix MOV tool helps you to fix corrupted, damaged or bad MOV file within a very less span of time.

    Guidelines to repair MP4 file that is not playing:

    Step 1: If MP4 file not playing, then get trial version of above described app. Install and launch the app. On the main window select your MP4 file by clicking using “BROWSE” button. Once the file is selected, click “REPAIR” button for initiating the repair of mp4 file that is not playing, refer figure 1.

    MP4 File Not Playing - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: When the software is performing repair process, monitor the progress bar. As shown in Figure 3

    Fix MP4 File that's Not Playing - Scanning Screen

    Figure 2: Scanning Screen

    Step 3: Preview the repaired MP4 file by utilizing “Preview” option.

    Repair MP4 File that's Not Playing - Preview Repaired File

    Figure 3: Preview Repaired File