Software to Fix Incomplete MP4 Videos

MP4 or MPEG-4 is a video file format that is used to store multimedia files such as audio and video in a single file. These files are used to play video clips on portable gadgets such as cell phones, cameras, laptops, camcorders and even on computers. MP4 video file formats are best known for delivering high clarity videos and can be easily played on both Windows and Mac platforms. However, one big drawback with MP4 video files are that, they are highly vulnerable to problems like corruption or damage. For instance, consider the below scenario

"You were very excited about an exclusive video clip featuring your favorite Rock band. So you started searching for the MP4 video online and after spending hours you finally find it. You immediately started downloading the video (.mp4 file), which was around 600 MB. Although the download process was interrupted few times, eventually the video was downloaded completely. You didn’t wait to play the file, but only to find numerous error messages suggesting that the downloaded MP4 video is corrupt?"

Computer users often find themselves in such situation not just once, but many a times while downloading MP4 video from internet. This type of corruption usually occurs due to incomplete MP4 file download. However, such MP4 video corruption can be fixed with the help of MP4 repair utility available online. One such repairing application is MOV repair, which is even capable to fix MP4 file that won’t play in any media player after incomplete download. Apart from incomplete download, there are many other reasons for MP4 video corruption, some of the prominent ones are explained below:

  • MP4 File Header Corruption: MP4 file header contains related information of the corresponding MP4 file like file size, video clip duration, starting sector etc;. Hence, if any issue to this header file results in MP4 file corruption and makes the video unplayable
  • Sudden Power Failure: Improper system termination due to sudden power surge while creating or playing a MP4 video leads to MP4 file corruption
  • Malware Infection: Deadly virus infection on the MP4 file, may duplicate its contents and corrupt it severely
  • Renaming the File: Changing the file extension of MP4 video from one format to another is also a reason for damage of MP4 video file
  • Other Reasons: Using unreliable software to play your MP4 file, downloading the MP4 file from unknown host, bad sectors, software malfunction are few more causes for corruption of MP4 videos.

  • However, as mentioned above MP4 video corruption can be easily solved with the help of MOV repair software. This repair utility rigorously scans your incomplete MP4 video and repairs the file effortlessly. It is the finest tool to fix incomplete MP4 file and also to repair MP4 audio out of sync error, due to which the video refuses to play.

    Why MOV repair tool to perform incomplete MP4 file repair:

    MP4 Video Repair is one simple, yet effective tool to fix incomplete MP4 video file. The tool easily resolves all MP4 file problems and transforms it into a healthy file in just few minutes. The main advantage of using this utility is that, the tool is available for free trial download, using which one can preview their repaired MP4 video before actual purchase. In addition to MP4 corruption, this application can also fix bad MOV files. after corruption, damage or broken due to incomplete download process. The software supports repairing of damaged MP4 files on Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8). Visit this page to gain complete knowledge on MP4 file repair on Windows system:

    Fix MOV program not only performs MP4 video repair after improper download, but also after corruption due to virus attack, header corruption, etc. The software lets you fx QuickTime MOV files on Mountain Lion, Mac OS X Lion, leopard, Snow leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc. On fixing QT file using FIX MOV tool one can make the corrupted file playable without any content loss.

    Few precautionary measures:

  • Make use of a good download manager to prevent MP4 file corruption due to incomplete download
  • Regularly update your antivirus program to scan and remove malwares and viruses causing MP4 video corruption
  • Never disconnect or remove your device while transferring MP4 video files
  • Always play your important MP4 video clips on reliable media players
  • Learn how to fix incomplete MP4 file:

    Step 1: Download and install video repair tool. Once you launch the software, the main window is displayed. After that, you need to browse and select your MP4 file using “BROWSE” button. As soon as you select the file, you have to click on the “REPAIR” button in order to fix incomplete MP4 video file.

    How to Fix Incomplete MP4 File - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: A new screen will open where the tool starts scanning the entire MP4 file.

    Repair Incomplete MP4 File - Scanning Screen

    Figure 2: Scanning Screen

    Step 3: As soon as the scanning process is over, you will be able to preview your entire repaired file by using “Preview” option.

    Incomplete MP4 File Fixing   - Preview Repaired MP4 File

    Figure 3: Preview Repaired MP4 File