Repair and Play Corrupt MP4 Files

MP4 video file format is supported by different types of digital devices including Smartphones, cameras, PSP, iPods, etc. When users employ any of these devices as storage medium to maintain MP4 files, they would suffer from MP4 file corruption issues as well. There are various kind of situations which users face in there day to day life like MP4 file is not working properly, MP4 video is there but audio is not playing properly, when trying to play MP4 file an error message pops up, MP4 file is playing in slow mode. Well, these complications arises due to MP4 files corruption, which in turn leads to inaccessibility of MP4 file and make them unplayable. What needs to be done to play corrupt MP4 files is the most common question that is asked by users.

Presently, the corruption issues of MP4 problem can be easily and efficiently solved from with the help of MOV repair app. Before going deeper into MP4 video repair process, let’s begin to know what makes MP4 video to get corrupted. Scenarios on account of which MP4 videos get corrupted.

  • Interruptions during file transfer process can also corrupt your MP4 video files.
  • If the MP4 video is running on your own system and abnormally your system reboots, this abrupt shutdown can corrupt header of you video file.
  • Sudden power failure during video file transfer, from one device to another device also leads to the file corruption.
  • Sometime, video file get corrupt while changing its file format. If the extension of the video file is changed i.e. from MP4 to AVI or any other format, then there are chances for those MP4 files to get damage. Well, no need to worry the corrupted MP4 file not playing on any media playing can be fixed using Fix MOV toolkit.

To get over from such severe problems, MOV repair program is the most suitable option to fix corrupt MP4 files. By making use of this exceptional repair utility, you’ll will be able to repair corrupted, broken or even damaged MP4 files. This program is developed with special algorithm which can separately repair audio and video files and join them later and makes it a playable.

Precautions never harm so take some safety measures to prevent your video file from corruption. Like don’t take video while camera battery is low. Use reliable power supply, in order to avoid abrupt shutdown. Don’t avoid safely remove option before removing external drives. To protect your system files from virus infection, use antivirus program. Backup your important file it will be helpful for you at the situation of data loss.

But, these precautions surely work in case you follow it properly. But there precautions are simply not the conclusion, as there are many scenarios which are unknown and may corrupt your MP4 videos. At such situation for repairing corrupted MP4 files, go-ahead and download trial version of video repair tool and evaluate the result as it will efficiently fix and play corrupted MP4 videos. If you’re very pleased with the results of the trial version then download its full version to save your repaired video.

The best feature of this tool is that you can repair DSLR MOV files easily in few steps with full ease. To know more on DSLR MOV files repair, check this page: With the help of this amazing repairing program, you can even fix incomplete MP4 file after improper download. Refer this link to enquire more about this:

Using this advance utility it is simple to repair corrupt MP4 video file on various storage drive such as hard drive, iPod, digital camera, flash cards, etc. It can even repair DIVX movies of larger size. It separately repair video and audio track and later on adjoins them to create playable video file. In this tool, you can also preview repaired file before saving. With this tool, you can not only fix corrupt MP4 files, but also MOV files. If you want to know how to fix corrupt MOV files using this tool then click on the given hyperlink.

Note: This application is capable to fix MOV file containing audio but no video in just a fraction of second. Wanna know how? Then click on this hyperlink:

Steps on how to play corrupt MP4 files:

Step 1: First of all, get the demo version of this MOV repair utility and install the same for repairing corrupt MP4 files. When you run the app, a main window will be displayed on your computer screen. When you get the main window you have to browse and choose your MP4 video with the help of “BROWSE” button for information on this refer figure 1. Once the file is been selected, just give a click on the “REPAIR” button for initiating the repair process referred as figure 2.

How to Play Corrupt MP4 Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: A new window will be shown to you, where the app will start scanning the whole MP4 file refer figure 3.

Fix and Play Corrupt MP4 Files - Scanning Process

Figure 2: Scanning Process

Step 3: Once the scanning of corrupt MP4 file is complete the software creates a healthy new file, which could bepreviewed with the help of “Preview” option provided in the software.

Repair and Play Corrupt MP4 Files - Preview Repaired Video

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Video