How to Delete Duplicate Video Files?

If you find it difficult to manage videos you have collected due to its duplicity then need not to worry, here you will learn about a tool which can solve your problem.  Remo MORE is a best software which is widely accepted for finding and deleting duplicate video files.

There is a lot of problem with the presence of duplicate video files on your storage device. The first problem that users face with the presence of duplicate files is that it becomes very hard to decide which one is original and which one is duplicate file. Apart from this, another issue is that, duplicate files waste memory space as same files are stored at different locations. Let me clarify this problem with example- suppose you have stored video files on your hard disk which contains your favorite songs. How do you feel if the same song is stored at different locations? Obviously this will confuse you in choosing original video file. Because of duplicate video files you may run out of memory space on your hard disk. In case you are using Smartphone for storing video files on its memory card then presence of duplicate files can create a great issue for you and memory card will become full and you will not be able to store more videos or other things on it.

Thus to get rid of this problem you should remove duplicate files from your storage device. Before removing duplicate files you will have to find those duplicate files. When it comes to find duplicate data manually, it takes a significant time and effort. You have to search each and every folder that are present there on your storage device. This is not a simple task to find duplicate video files.  Hence, to sort out this problem you should make use of an automated tool that can find duplicate video files very easily in just a fraction of second.

Remo MORE is a unique application developed with aim to discover duplicate video files with ease in just simple clicks of mouse. This tool is different from all others and is developed with a special algorithm which not only search duplicate video files based on their name but also compares its contents. MORE has earned a special identity for its great throughput.  This tool is being used across the globe and has been recommended by industry experts. MORE can also search duplicate music, doc and excel files within very few moment.  This tool gives you option to perform custom search based on specific file types set by you.  You can select files or folders from which you want to find duplicate file. It has a very nice and elegant user interface which helps user to interact with ease and provides step by step guide. You can get Remo MORE from Internet in just a few clicks of mouse without any charge.

Step to find duplicate video files:

  1. Step 1: Download and install the MORE on your computer. Launch the tool and select the "Optimize" option from home screen and then choose "Remove Duplicates" from next screen as shown in fig 1.
  2. Find Duplicate Video Files - Select Remove Duplicates

    Figure 1: Select Remove Duplicates

    Step 2: Select the "Folder Duplicacy Finder" option to find the duplicate music files from a folder as shown in the figure 2.

    Erase Duplicate Video Files - Select Folder Duplicacy Finder

    Figure 2: Select Folder Duplicacy Finder

  3. Step 3: Select "Add Folder" option to locate the folder on your computer in which you want to find duplicate video files. Once you are done with folder selection, click on "Proceed" button as shown in the figure 3.
  4. Delete Duplicate Video Files - Select Add Folder

    Figure 3: Select Add Folder

  5. Step 4: After selecting a folder you can customize scanning by selecting video file type from this screen as shown in fig 4.
  6. Deleting Duplicate Video Files - Select Video Files and Click on Scan

    Figure 4: Select Video Files and Click on Scan

  7. Step 5: After completion of scanning process you will see a detailed report of duplicates video files and you can delete by choosing the appropriate option from this screen as shown in the figure 4.
  8. Find Duplicate Video Files - Select Send Recycle Bin or Delete Permanently

    Figure 5: Select Send Recycle Bin or Delete Permanently