Repair .mov File that is not Recognized by QuickTime

QuickTime is a MOV file player that was introduced for Mac computers initially. Later it got released even for Windows computers. While using QuickTime to play MOV files, at times you may get error and it could not recognize the MOV file. Suppose you had downloaded an MOV file and it is not being played on QuickTime. The QuickTime is not recognizing .mov file at all to play it. It is displaying a message, “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands.” If you had any important data on MOV file then you start panicking. It might be your personal video shoot of family or any other. If you have a backup then you can restore it easily. If not then there is no need to worry as you can fix MOV video not playing on QuickTime using Fix MOV software. This tool helps you repair when .mov file not recognized by QuickTime for any of the reasons as given ahead.

Scenarios in which .mov file is not recognized by QuickTime:

MOV file may not get recognized by QuickTime because of file corruption. The .mov files may get corrupt for reasons like virus infection, file transfer interruption, improper exit, trying to play on incompatible player and so on. Apart from MOV file corruption, it may not get recognized due to various other scenarios like,

  • Software Conflicts: QuickTime media player may not function properly due to software conflicts, and as result program files may get corrupt including .mov files.
  • Improper Upgrade Process: Upgrade process of QuickTime player from old version to latest one results in the difference of working of QuickTime player, and if there are any interruptions while upgrading, then the upgraded version of QT player may not recognize .mov file.
  • Codec Issues: QuickTime player needs some codecs for proper functionality. If Codecs are missing then QuickTime fails to recognize MOV file format

Whatever may be the scenario in which .mov file not recognized by QuickTime, you can always repair .mov file that is not recognized by QuickTime, using Fix MOV software on your PC. This amazing tool has the capability to repair recovered MP4 video files easily and effectively without causing any damage to original MP4 file.   

Features of Fix MOV software:

Fix MOV software helps you the best to repair .mov file not recognized by QuickTime on your computer. This program is capable to fix MOV video not playing on QuickTime after any scenario without any difficulty. The software assures you to repair .mov file that is not recognized by QuickTime without any glitch with its powerful scanning mechanism. This software enables you to repair even MP4 files on your computer internal and external storage drives. You can perfectly fix H264 MOV video file by using this utility. When .mov file not recognized by QuickTime, the software scans for problems on MOV file and separates audio and video codecs and adjoins them in such a way that QuickTime unrecognized MOV file repair process will be a success. It reproduces a copy of MOV file that is repaired and does not modify MOV file. Therefore there is no room to be scared of your MOV file being modified by this software. You not only can repair MOV file not working on QuickTime but also on any other player like VLC, Photo Booth, KM Player, etc. This tool helps you fix MOV video not playing on QuickTime on your Mac computers as there is a different build supporting Mac OS X. Visit this for more info, Try the demo for more details.

Steps to fix MOV video not playing on QuickTime:

Step 1: Download Fix MOV repair software on your computer to fix .mov file not recognized by QuickTime and install it. Run the tool and browse MOV file which is not being recognized. Then click on “Repair” option as shown in Figure 1.

.mov File Not Recognized by QuickTime - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software starts scanning MOV file as shown in Figure 2., to fix it and displays result in few minutes.

Fix .mov File Not Recognized by QuickTime - Scanning Screen

Figure 2: Scanning Process

Step 3: Preview MOV file and save repaired MOV file using “Save” option.

Repair MOV File Not Recognized by QuickTime - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File