How to Repair MOV File Not Playing?

Living in this digital world, most of the users are getting migrated to several upcoming developed technologies of electronic gadgets for capturing videos like cameras ad camcorders, from their Ancient time video cameras due to its simple and easy to use features. These days, MOV video file format is highly preferred to store the recorded video clips. MOV file format with .mov file extension is generally read by Quick Time Player on Mac machines developed by Apple, but later due to its wide usage, it was also made available for Windows. It is a multimedia container that consists of audio, text and video saved as separate tracks.

When any of these data streams get corrupted or damaged because of some unknown reason, your MOV videos won’t play and unreadable. A corrupted / damaged MOV video clip is always inoperable and unusable. Thus, you might experience severe loss of your favourite Mov video files. What are you supposed to do after falling in such unexpected disaster? Are you worried and thinking about a reliable method to fix MOV videos that won’t play and make it playable? Just stay calm!!! Virtually, it is very simple to repair MOV file not playing and the only thing that you need to get is some best and appropriate third party MOV file repair software as like Fix MOV program. This MOV file fixer can mend MOV video file not playing easily within few easy steps. It provides an excellent answer for all the questions on how to repair QuickTime movie file.

A general scenario to consider:

Consider yourself in a situation wherein you visited a marriage ceremony of your best friend and captured the entire event using your professional DSLR camera. Later to make a copy of the captured MOV videos and send it to your friend, you connected the camera to the system via USB cable and started transferring all the MOV video clips. In between of the process, your computer turned off because of continuous power fluctuation resulting in incomplete MOV file transfer process. After waiting long for power to come, when you restarted your system and tried opening the MOV file, it displayed an error message that “This MOV file not playing”. This clearly indicates that your MOV file has got corrupted thereby causing loss of valuable video files. This must be the most horrifying situation to you as these lost MOV files are your precious.

So, now to fix DSLR MOV videos that won’t play you must be rushing out. However, you will be happy to hear that by making use of fix mov tool you can eminently repair MOV file not playing with great ease and accuracy. This repair toolbox is read only, which only takes a copy of corrupted MOV video files and performs a repair operation on the same. This ensures that your original source MOV video file is not further damaged.

Common reasons for MOV file corruption:

Virus / Malware invasion

MOV Video file header corruption

Improper downloading of an MOV file from internet

Improper synchronization of audio and video streams results in incompatibility issues

Generation of errors in Codec

Unsupported player or using wrong compression methods

One single MOV repair tool can help you to avoid any of these MOV file loss scenarios. When you are facing any of these MOV file corruption issues, exclusively make use of this hassle free application which will fix MOV videos that won’t play at all or does not play smoothly. It can repair MOV file not playing and can extract complete data from it on both Windows as well as Macintosh line of computers.

The software has user friendly interface which can be employed even by non technical users without facing any difficulty. The software can repair Canon 7D video file of MOV file format within a matter of time. Go to this link for extracting more details on how to repair MOV file not playing from Canon digital cameras.

Steps to fix MOV videos that won’t play:

Step 1: Download demo version of Fix MOV tool and install it on your computer's hard disk. Run the software and click on “BROWSE” button to select MOV file that won't play from its location. Once the file gets uploaded automatically, then click “REPAIR” button to start the repair process as in Figure 1.

MOV File Not Playing - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: A new screen will open where the tool starts scanning the entire MOV file as in Figure 2.

Fix MOV File that's Not Playing - Scanning Screen

Figure 2: Scanning Screen

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets completed, you can preview your repaired MOV file using “Preview” option as in Figure 3 and then click on “BROWSE” in order to save your repaired file to a specified location.

Repair Unplayable MOV File - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File