How to Fix MOV Video not Playing Sound?

A MOV file with sound files that are corrupted is a cause of deep agony for its users. If you just ran a MOV file which is suffering from sound problems then it is probably corrupted. Now what next to do? How to get rid of this particular problem? Getting such kind of questions in your mind? Don’t panic. There is a solution to fix MOV file not playing audio after corruption. Any MOV or .mov file that is corrupted due to sound corruption or codec issues and playing video but not audio can be easily repaired with the help of this unique repair tool which is popularly called as fix MOV. There are different causes behind MOV file corruption. But the two important causes for MOV file corruption is already mentioned above. These are the major factors which make the MOV file unplayable. Usually when the audio codec gets corrupted due to some reasons MOV file behaves in an abnormal way. Problems such as video but no audio or audio but no video often arise due to codec issues. But with the help of fix MOV it is truly possible to repair MOV file not playing audio including codec issues. That is why it is preferred by most users. If you want to fix MOV file not playing audio after corruption, then simply try this application which is best known as QuickTime MOV file repair tool.

You might be facing MOV corruption problem due to a lot of reasons which include sound corruption and codec issues. Employ this efficient application to repair MOV file not playing audio. A MOV file with a fine video quality but poor audio quality is really a pain. The poor audio quality here is the result of sound corruption which takes place due to lack of sound support files and corrupted sound files which lead to the mismatch in accordance with the video frames. Bugs that are detected in the sound files also result in sound corruption which in turn results in MOV file corruption. These factors or parameters which lead to an improper MOV file can be overcome. You just need to use fix MOV application to fix MOV file not playing audio in a very short span of time. This repairing app is also capable enough to fix poor quality videos by separately repairing both audio and video files in few clicks.

This application is not only an expert to repair MOV file not playing audio but it is also an expert in repairing files with poor video quality. To know how it works in fixing MOV files with poor video quality just hit It works well on all the latest Windows computers such as Win XP, Vista, Win 8 etc. to fix MOV video not playing sound.

It not only fix MOV file not playing audio but it also helps in repairing files with .mp4 extension.You can also repair MOV file has audio but no video with great ease. It is the best application to fix MOV video not playing sound on popular players which include QuickTime, VLC, and Windows media player. If you are interested to know how it helps in repairing unplayable MOV files then you just have to click on

Steps to repair MOV File not playing audio:

Step 1: Download and install fix MOV tool to fix MOV file not playing audio. On the Main Window, select the corrupted MOV file and a healthy file for reference and then click on "Repair" button to start repair process.

Fix MOV File not Playing Audio - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: A new screen will open where the tool begins to repair the entire MOV file as in Figure 2.

Repair MOV File not Playing Audio - Repair Screen

Figure 2: Repair Screen

Step 3: As soon as the repair process is over, you will be able to preview your entire repaired MOV file by using "Preview" option.

Fixing MOV File not Playing Audio - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File