Fix Corrupt Movie Maker File

Editing is one element through which you can highlight your style and bring uniqueness in files that you edit. These files can be photos, PPT’s, videos and also some text templates. A simple photo can be given a rich look by changing its effects like some changes in color shades, tilting the image, etc. To edit photos, there are many apps available like Fotoflexer, Picasa, Picnik and many more. Similarly a normal video footage can be made interesting with some unusual effects like inserting suitable audio clips, some visual effects, transitional effects, etc… There are so many people out who are passionate about editing the videos. Today it is very easy to learn about video editing as there is an exceptional software available with the computer OS, known as the Movie Maker. Through this, you can edit the videos easily and in interesting way as there are many features and effects available.

Using Movie Maker, you may create video files by inserting new video, audio, title clips by simple drag and drop task. So, usually people create so many interesting videos and some of them release it on the internet as well. What if due to some issue, your favorite video footage is corrupt? How can you fix corrupted Movie Maker file?? With today’s improved technology, to fix corrupt Movie Maker file is not a problem at all. There are many apps available for this purpose. Among them, Fix MOV is a reliable tool that helps you to repair corrupted Movie Maker file. It will fix the corrupted file in very few moments just within simple steps.

Why Fix MOV Software to repair corrupt Movie Maker Files??

  • The application can fix corrupted Movie Maker file on both Windows and Mac systems efficiently.
  • It will repair corrupted Movie Maker file and will retain all the elements of the video. i.e. all the additionally inserted effects are retained in the video footage without missing any effect.
  • The software will fix corrupted Movie Maker file of different video formats like AVI, MP4, 3GP, etc… effectively. To know more on how to repair Mp4 files easily, visit this page:
  • When the utility will fix corrupt Movie Maker file, it will not modify the original video file and retain it as it is.
  • Once the tool will repair corrupted Movie Maker file, you can view the fixed file before saving it in your PC.
  • If your video footage contains some video clips of HD cameras, still you can use this app to fix corrupt Movie Maker file as it can support many video formats of different camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, etc…
  • There is a good technical support team available to help you to repair corrupted Movie Maker file, in case you face any difficulty using the tool.
  • The app will support to fix corrupted Movie Maker file on 32 and 64 bit computers with full ease.

  • All these features together make Fix MOV application the perfect choice to repair corrupted Movie Maker file. Also, there is another benefit in using this tool i.e. sometimes when you create videos, there are chances where the audio and video of the footage does not synchronize. The whole video gets a bad shape. Even in these situations, you can use this tool to fix out of synch audio in video files. To know more about on how to fix out of sync audio in Mp4 video files, then refer this page:

    Not only on Movie Maker, you may come across problems on other MOV players also. Sometimes, it happens that MOV files will not be recognized on QuickTime player. Visit this page: to know about the causes for it and how Fix MOV software helps you to fix them.

    Some useful tips to avoid the corruption of Movie Maker files:

  • Make sure that the audio and video clips that you use to create your video, has no virus issues.
  • Follow proper installation procedures to install the Movie Maker software in your system. Else the improper installed software can corrupt your Movie Maker files.
  • Check for file system of the hard drive in which you have saved the Movie Maker file that it is not corrupted. Else the hard drive becomes inaccessible and in turn the video file also becomes inaccessible.

  • So People!! The interface of MOV repair software is quite simple. It also has a free demo version. So download it, use it and fix corrupted Movie Maker files in just few mouse clicks.

    Steps to repair corrupted Movie Maker file:

    Step 1: Download and install trial version of the tool on your PC. Now on main screen, select a healthy file for reference and then your corrupted Movie Maker file as shown in figure 1.

    Fix Corrupted Movie Maker File - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: Now, click on “Repair” option to start the process of repair, as shown in figure 2.

    Repair Corrupted Movie Maker File - Click Repair option

    Figure 2: Click Repair option

    Step 3: After the repair process, you can view the fixed video file using “Preview” option, as shown in figure 3.

    Corrupted Movie Maker File Fixing - Preview Repaired File

    Figure 3: Preview Repaired File