Broken MP4 Video Files Fixing

MP4 is a famous video file format, which is used to store videos recorded by electronic devices like digital camera, Smartphone and many more. There is chance that like other file types, this MP4 files also gets broken due to incomplete download or sudden system turn off. If any of your memorable and precious video file are broken, then do not worry. There is a popular tool which is developed for fixing such type of broken issues of video files with ease. It has earned appreciation of various industry experts as the best MP4 repair tool for its superb performance in fixing broken MP4 files without damaging source videos.

There are various reasons which can make your MP4 file broken. Some of those which are most frequently noted are as given below:

  • Virus / Malware attack: Virus attack to the computer on which your MP4 file is residing is a most common reason which makes your MP4 file broken. Once the virus or other malware has made your MP4 file broken, you cannot access it thus it leads to loss of precious and valuable video files. However, there exists a very popular and most widely used tool which can easily repair broken MP4 files which is not playing. To know about how to fix MP4 video file that is unplayable, visit here:

  • Improper downloading of an MP4 file: Interruption in downloading of video files leads to incomplete download of MP4 file. This could be a possible reason behind the broken video file. Such type of broken MP4 files behaves abnormally when you try to play them. Now, if you want to fix this broken issue then you have to employ Fix MOV tool which is developed with aim to repair broken video files with ease. To know about broken video file fixing process, visit this page:

  • Round tripping of MP4 file: Changing file format from one type to another and after while again back to the same format in cyclic fashion is known as round tripping of file. If you perform this round tripping with your video file then chances are pretty more that your video files may get corrupted which leads to inaccessibility problem. But, fortunately, you can repair MOV files with the help of Fix MOV tool very easily.

  • MP4 video files header corruption: Header of a video files keeps all information about the this file like size of file, name of file, type, date of creation, and many more sensitive information. Corruptions of this header causes broken of state of MP4 files. But, you can repair broken MP4 file with the help of MOV file repair tool very easily.

No matter what is the reason accountable for broken MP4 file, you can easily fix broken MP4 video file using our most recommended MOV repair utility. This tool is capable enough to fix all type of corruption or broken issues related to video file and works perfectly fine with Windows and Mac operating system. It has ability to fix different types of video file formats including MPEG, MP4, MOV and many more. Once the fixing process is over, you can preview the repaired content of broken MP4 file. This tool has automatic repair process, which separates out audio and video data streams and adjoins them to create relevant playable video file proficiently. It can also fix large size of corrupted / damaged MOV files very easily in an effective manner. To know more information on MOV file not playing, visit:

Guide on how to fix broken MP4 video files:

Step 1: Download and install Fix MOV tool. Launch the software and click on “BROWSE” button to select MP4 file from its location. Then, click on “REPAIR” to start repair process.

How to Fix Broken MP4 Video Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once your file gets repaired, you can preview your repaired video file as shown in figure 2.

How to Repair Broken MP4 Video Files - Preview

Figure 2: Preview