Tool for Fixing Bad MOV File

Video files are saved with .mov extension and these MOV files are assumed safe and secure. But sometimes, due to corruption MOV files refuse to open in media player. This incident where a MOV file refuses to play is called bad MOV file. This situation generates a lot of problem, if your important video file has become corrupted. If you are witnessing similar kind of problem then just relax, here in this article you will get to know about a wonderful tool which has ability to fix bad MOV file in matter of seconds. If your favorite video clip, that you had captured via your digital camera, gets corrupted then you need not worry any more as you can now fix this issue with the help of Fix MOV tool. Let me throw some light on the reasons which make your MOV file as bad MOV file. Frankly speaking, there are lots of reasons why your MOV file gets corrupted. Some of those which are very common are mentioned below.

The most common reason why your video file gets corrupted is playing it using an incompatible media player. Suppose if you have captured video clip of picnic party that you celebrated with your friends and now if you want to show this video clip to your family members and in hurriedness you start playing this video file using a player which does not support its format, then it can make some changes in file’s content. After this event, if you try to open this video file using supported player then different types of errors will be shown to you. Now if you want to fix this bad MOV file, then you have to opt for Fix MOV tool. To get detailed information about this visit here:

Virus and malware attack is another possible reason which can make your MOV file corrupted. Generally, virus makes changes in the content of video file in a harmful manner so that it becomes in unplayable. It also has been noted that due to constant changes in file extension of video file in cyclic manner, is another cause which corrupts your video file. But, fortunately there is a tool which can easily fix problem occurred in MOV file due to round tripping and makes it healthy. Sometimes error in Codec itself can make your MOV file bad. Codec is a program which encodes and decodes video/ audio files and puts it in a video container file. Thus any type of error in this program can corrupt your MOV file. However you can repair this corrupted video file with the help of the most popular tool known as Fix MOV software. To catch a glimpse of MOV file repair process go to this page:

You can fix all type of video files with the help of Fix MOV software within a couple of seconds. This tool has ability to fix audio and video codec data stream separately and then merges it into a single playable video file. It supports Windows and Mac operating system. The best thing about this tool is that it does not modify the content of original MOV file. You can also fix corrupt MP4 files with the help of this tool. Once the repair process is done you can preview fixed MOV files.

This software is also capable of resolving various issues related to MP4 videos created on gadgets like Smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. MP4 files that are not playing due to synchronization error like audio out of sync in MP4 problem can be easily fixed with this brilliant repair software.

Steps to fix bad MOV file

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your system. Launch the tool and from main screen browse and locate your bad MOV file and give a reference to a healthy MOV and then click on Repair button as shown in figure 1.

How to Fix a Bad MOV File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: A new screen will open where the tool starts scanning thebad MOV file as in Figure 3.

How to Repair a Bad MOV File - Scanning Screen

Figure 2: Scanning Process

Step 3: As soon as the scanning process is over, you will be able to preview your repaired MOV file by using “Preview” option.

Fixing a Bad MOV File - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File